Ritu Bhasin

Ritu didn’t always feel empowered to be an unapologetic, fiercely authentic
leader. While she was highly successful and living the corporate dream in
her early career, she realized the person she was in her daily life bore little
resemblance to her true self. Her experiences with racism and bullying caused
her to minimize the racial, religious, gender and class-based aspects of her
identity so she could fit in among business circles. In doing this, she was
profoundly unhappy. In turn, Ritu decided to transform her life—she com-
pleted her MBA, left her corporate job, launched her own business, became a
mindfulness practitioner and teacher, and dedicated her life to helping others
become more empowered and inclusive. In 2010, Ritu launched bhasin
consulting inc., a diversity and inclusion-focused consulting firm, and has
since gained a global reputation for her work. Ritu lives in Toronto, and her
first book, The Authenticity Principle, was released in October 2017.

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